Give Way


Driving in the UK, I’ve frequently seen the ‘Give Way’ sign. It indicates that you are to allow someone or something to be or go first. It is equivalent to the ‘Yield’ sign, in the US. Many times when I’ve encountered a “Yield” sign, I’ve thought, “I don’t have to stop, just check to be sure no one is coming”. I don’t have to stop.

I don’t have to stop, is one way to live.

I don’t have to stop striving.
I don’t have to stop planning.
I don’t have to stop controlling.

Whether heredity or cultural molding, I’m wired to go, go, go. Achieve, achieve, achieve. Fix, fix, fix. This way of life is exhausting.

It reduces the time and space to appreciate.
It shortens the time and space to consider.
It limits the time and space to become.


As I seek solace for my soul, I start to see new ways. The Give Way sign becomes an invitation. I am invited to allow myself to be overcome by, to succumb to, or to surrender.

I can appreciate the blessings already bestowed.
I can surrender my mind to acceptance.
I can relinquish my desire to control, in exchange for accommodation.
I invite you to Give way!

You will increase time and space to ponder the wonders of creation.
You will lengthen time and space to find your pathway.
You will liberate time and space to engender buds of new life.