Responding to The Wonder

Tree of LIfe

In the midst of God’s creation,

I stand before the face of God.

Mystery enkindles awe,

Awe becomes wonder.

I am humbled.

I am revived.

I am thankful.

I Worship,



It is well with my soul!

Island in the Sky

I encounter the ineffable Mystery as I wander through nature.

I glimpse the goodness of created life. Awe strikes.

The glory that surpasses all awakens my soul.

I realize that it is God that beholds me!

I am humbled. I am astonished.

It is as if Spirit imbues everything around me to nourish myThistle and Bee soul.

New LifeAll my senses are revived.

I feel as if I am truly known.

I am thankful.

My mind, heart, and body respond.

Heather in Glen Mark

I sing.

I dance.

I breathe poems to the Creator.

I worship.

My trust in God is renewed.

I can truly say, it is well with my soul!