WearyAs I sit with my hot cupa mint tea, trying to get over the flu, I realize just how weary I am. It has also become acutely obvious to me just how weary our world has become. How exhausting it is to witness this mise-en-scene of polarization. The precious time wasted on the media treadmill of senseless arguments. Wars that never end because people cannot be content. Younger generations who cannot trust what they hear or see. The loss of social capital. Countless hours spent searching, scrolling, seeking. The decay of belief.

This weary world. Instead of resting, we bury ourselves in busyness.  It is not even Thanksgiving in the US, and I see Christmas accoutrement in IMG_7105stores. No time to pause and be thankful, for what we already have. I see people rushing to put lights around their trees and houses. No wonder! We desperately desire some light in our darkness. But how exhausting it all is!

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just that I am weary. Maybe it’s the flu. But maybe not… If perhaps you are feeling this way too; maybe there is something we can do.

Celebrate one another’s uniqueness’s as well similarities.

Turn off the treadmill.

HMCT8126Go walk alongside people.

Take time to be thankful.

Find contentment in the blessings that surround you.

Care for others and allow yourself to be cared for.

Cultivate real friendships so you’ll no longer need virtual validations.

Learn to just be.

Slow down to appreciate the season you are given.

Use your light to brighten someone’s darkness.

If we would at least try… What a thrill of hope it would bring. Our weary world could rejoice.


For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!