Looking Toward Perfection

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All creation has purpose. It looks towards perfection.  ~Evelyn Underhill, The Spiritual Life



This is my new and improved blog. It is new, because my life is in transition. My family has moved into a new phase, my career path has changed, my faith is transforming, and I deleted my facebook account!

In my quest to slow my pace and take notice, I am discovering that I am not the only one. All of creation seeks wonder, by looking toward perfection. I’ve come to a point in my path, where I want to be more attentive to the present. Can a life get its purpose from seeking and finding beauty?

Here, I offer you photographs, paintings, and ponderings. These are my attempts to share the wonder I seek and find daily, and when I travel. When I find “thin places”, I will share those experiences too. I hope to find a community here – other folks interested in sharing their experiences of encountering awe and wonder.