Perfect Timing

Call it timing, fate, the universe, providence… Whatever you call it sometimes things turn out differently than you plan.

For years, I have thought about starting this blog. My days were too busy, filled with family, and work activities. I must admit I was also reticent because I wasn’t sure people would notice, or care. Who am I to blog? But there’s this niggling need to share the wonder I experience.

Wonder, emanates from all of creation. It is like the hymn of praise creation sings.

I experience wonder in sights, sounds, textures, tastes. Wonder is all around us! But if we aren’t paying attention, if we aren’t seeking it, we can miss it.

Through the camera lens, my paint brushes, foods, songs, and places I go, I will share the wonder I encounter. I hope that you will also share your experiences. These are my big plans. So, I created this blog site. Then I had a series of unfortunate events, and got sick. Not quite the inspiration I was hoping for.

herbs.jpgCall it timing, fate, the universe, providence… sometimes things turn out differently than you plan. What a regrettable way to start a blog about experiencing wonder.

Then as timing, fate, the universe, providence would have it, Wonder found me. First, through a verse in a book I was reading about John Muir. (Chris Highland pairs Muir’s writings with various spiritual sages.) Today’s accompanying verse was from Psalm 1, “The one who meditates on the Divine is like a tree planted by streams of water.” This reminded me that I don’t have to go anywhere to experience wonder. By meditating on glory, I receive awe and wonder akin to when I am out hiking. Next, looking up herbs, as one does, in The Herb Book, I was reminded that here in my garden wonder waits.


In the verdure of my herbs, creation offers me healing and restoration.

So, I went out to my garden and gathered some herbs. I prepared a decoction using thyme and lavender. Then, I meditated on the Divine while taking a long hot bath – in the middle of the day. What a great way to soothe the body and soul! No matter where you are, or what you are doing today, let wonder find you.