Prepare Him Room

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time preparing for Christmas. I clean then decorate all the rooms in my house. I update my calendar with all the upcoming events, meetings, and parties. I plan meals and buy presents. My family likes to create memories and have Christmas “experiences.” So, I plan fun outings and activities for us to do together. I enjoy being a part of the worship and events at church. All of these things require thoughtful planning and take a lot of time. These are some of the ways I prepare for Christ’s coming. 

It was during this time of preparing that I was struck by the familiar phrase “Prepare Him Room.” It caught my attention because I encountered it several times from different sources. (When that happens I have learned to pay attention.) It begged the question, “How are you preparing room for Christ in your heart?” See, I have all of these outward activities and outward signs and symbols of Christmas, but none of those are meaningful unless I make room for Christ. Advent is a time to prepare for Him to come into our hearts anew. 

Create a sacred space in your life to be still. May you find peace and comfort as you allow yourself to be drawn into the story of God With Us.  Use a spiritual practice to help you connect your mind and heart to God. Contemplation is the practice of listening from the depths of your soul. It is called holy idleness or restful work. Listen in order to draw nearer to God. Listen with your whole heart for the Beloved’s voice. Listen to the grace and gift of the divine life itself.  The time you spend in your sacred space will be a time of Preparing Him Room!