Deep calls

Deep calls to deep in the sound of your waterfalls. ~Ps 42.7

IMG_1757.jpgIn a public speaking class that I took during seminary, we had a 7-minute assignment. We chose between two prompts to write a speech we would then present to the class. The prompts were: 1. write your own obituary; and 2. try to sell something to the class. Out of 23 students 22 of us wrote our own obituary. As I began to consider mine, I immediately thought of this verse – “deep calls to deep in the sound of your waterfalls”. That’s because the most important thing to know about me is that I like to go deep. I think deep, I feel deep, I trust deep, I love deep. I’m just a go deep or go home kind of person. 

From within the deepest part of me, I long to experience God. The wonder I see as I wander emanates from the deep of God seeking me. Just as I call out to God from my depths, the deep of God is calling me. We find expressions of that deep throughout our world. There are songs, colors, foods, perfumes that permeate through our tough exterior and take hold of us in our deep. There are places that awaken our soul. There are people who offer such depth of love they reveal the heart of our Creator.

Deep calls to deep. 

What wonders are you encountering today? What reaches your deep? Our experiences of wonder and awe are God’s deep calls to us. Call out, and be ready to receive a wondrous response. 

(BTW, the one student who didn’t choose to write his obituary, tried to sell us Red Sox season tickets.)