Getting to the Bottom

My journey this summer comes in part out of a necessity to relearn how to

drink to the bottom of the cup.

For more than a few years, my life has lacked a sustainable sense of rhythm. Out of an almost desperate need to succeed and please, I have lived in a frenzy of tasks and self imposed duties. My husband and children will concur, I’m sure, that even when I’ve been physically present I haven’t been very accessible. While I’m working toward accomplishing one task, I’m planning the next. If I’m not currently doing something, I’m analyzing how I could have done better and what more I should be doing. I rush through life, never getting to the bottom of the cup.

While in the UK, I’ve taken to drinking quite a lot of tea. It is lovely that when you order tea you get your very own pot. I prefer it hot, very hot. I usually take my tea with milk. Every now and then I put some sugar in too. This morning I had my first breakfast with tea at the Abbey. I was feeling rather sloggie, so I did put sugar in my tea.

One of the reasons I have come to the Abbey is to slow down and discern a more gracious rhythm for my life.


After a lovely walk about the grounds, I sat down to my breakfast determined not to rush. I lingered over the tea, determined to finish the whole pot. As I sipped my tea, I had time to consider how much I miss my family. I took the time to pray for each of them and their day that is yet to come. There was time enough to breathe. There was time to listen and time to appreciate the beauty of this space. As I sipped the last bit of tea from my cup, I was struck by how sweet it was!

imageThis led me to  me wonder how many times I’ve rushed through my morning tea or coffee, without taking the time to get to the sweet bit at the bottom. Am I rushing through my days, never taking the time to get to the sweet part? From now onward, I’m determined not to miss out on the sweet bit. I’m going to drink to the bottom of my cup!