The epic saga of Wanderwomen begins!

Mind the Gap

I think the British can spot the Americans on the Tube because we’re the ones grinning and giggling every time they announce “Mind the gap”. Traveling truly is about minding the gaps!

Our journey started a day early, in a rush to catch the red eye flight from Denver to JFK, because it was unlikely that we would get a standby seat on the plane we planned to take. Fair enough. We arrived a day early in London rather than our intended destination of Dublin. Not a problem. After 48 hours, on very little sleep, we decided to get a room near Paddington station. We could figure out how to get to Ireland after getting some sleep.

This was a gap. Finding ourselves in London was an unexpected opportunity to see a bit of the city. Relearn Tube travel and eat the first of many ‘Fish and Chips’ dinners. We explored Hyde park finding the Princess Diana Memorial fountain, Barrie’s Peter Pan statue, and the wild parakeets! We also popped into St. James The Lessor church, where we admired its architecture and the beautiful stained glass.


Minding the gap while traveling is keeping your wits about you, staying flexible, and living in the moment.