Troubles Fade Out in the Open

Traveling like we are, us Wanderwomen are spending a lot of time out in the open. Priorities change, and daily routine is anything but a routine! A lot of time was spent planning, but now that we’re out traveling about, we find ourselves exposed to the elements and living in the moment.

When life seems to be stuck in ruts, it’s good to get out of the vehicle and assess the situation from a new perspective.


If your life seems stuck, if it’s wrought with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, if you find yourself going off in a direction that isn’t part of your plan – then stop – step outside of your usual routine. Allow yourself to see your life from a new perspective.

If you’re experiencing troubles, drag those out into the open too. Allow people into your life that will listen, offer you help, and give you useful tools for dealing with those troubles. I think that you will find, once they are brought into the light, they will start to fade and over time lose their intensity.

imageOur trip is a great adventure! One goal is to allow our troubles to find the sunlight, so that we can watch them fade!